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  The Bohlen-Pierce Clarinet
Music featuring BP clarinets, accompanying the article The Bohlen-Pierce Clarinet: Exploring a New Tonality, in "The Clarinet", June 2019
Duo Dez
by Ákos Hoffmann
Ákos Hoffmann, Julia Puls, Nora-Louise Müller - BP clarinets

Todd Harrop, Bird of Janus
Nora-Louise Mülller - BP clarinet

by Nora-Louise Mülller
for BP clarinets (living room recording)
Zusammen hallt
Improvisation for BP clarinet and church organ
Simon Schumacher - organ
Nora-Louise Müller - BP clarinet
recorded in St. Petri church Lübeck

"Zusammen hallt" - a word game translating to both "solidarity, team spirit" and to "resounding together" - is a structured improvisation for Bohlen-Pierce clarinet and church organ. Beginning at the matching pitches of both tuning systems, the piece develops into a rich merengue of sound layers, beatings, dissonances and minimal pitch differences, while the range of the organ extends from a single, sustained note to its extreme registers. The november wind and the natural reverb of Lübeck's St. Petri church, built in 13th century, supports the sounds to show the beauty of this combination of instruments and tuning systems.

by Nora-Louise Müller
Ákos Hoffmann, Julia Puls, Nora-Louise Müller - BP clarinets
Christian Klinkenberg, The Seven Leaves that Hung but Never Grew
for storyteller and Ensemble in BP (excerpts)
Suse Weisse, storyteller; Paul Pankert, violin; Nora-Louise Müller, clarinet; Christian Klinkenberg, keyboard; Melle Weijters, electric guitar; Vedran Mutic, electric bass; Franck Hemmerlé and Todd Harrop, drums and percussion

Beyond the Horizon
by Georg Hajdu
Ákos Hoffmann, Nora-Louise Müller - BP clarinets
Andrej Koroliov - synthesizer
Night Hawks
by Fredrik Schwenk
Ákos Hoffmann - B flat clarinet 
Nora-Louise Müller - BP clarinet
The Bird People of St. Kilda
by Manfred Stahnke
for two BP clarinets
Nora-Louise Müller and Ákos Hoffmann - BP clarinet

Nora-Louise Müller, BP clarinet

For many years, Elaine Walker has composed and produced microtonal pop music in a variety of tuning systems. Of course she also succeeds to do so in Bohlen-Pierce:

Stick Men, Elaine Walker and ZIA

Love Song, Elaine Walker and ZIA

German broadcast Deutschlandfunk had information about a Bohlen-Pierce concert in Hamburg in February 2015, including short interviews: Kompressor

Stephen Fox reports about the beginning of the BP clarinet project on his website.

The BP tenor (at 5:06) and BP contra clarinets (at 5:39) in action! Brussels, February 2019